Manic Kabana serves up notarised genius on his new EP “Fourpack”

Hot off the trails of his boundary-breaking debut album, Poltergeist, Manic Kabana teases his budding audience with a saucy EP aptly titled Fourpack. This experimental testing ground sets the tone for his forthcoming album and previews the new heights of creative freedom and genre-fluidity he continues to hone in his craft.

Being able to contrast distorted filters, rich dark tonalities, witty penmanship and a subtle debut into the soft rock culture in one offering is almost taboo, it borders on sellout to the purists who still believe in the borders of genre versus the multiverse of musicality.

“Elephant Tusk” and “Sweet Havana” are the culture-clashing stand out songs from Fourpack. The former goes against the grain of traditional rap by injecting boom-bap lyricism into the modern trap soundscape, and the latter reminds me of “Rebirth”, where Lil Wayne went full-on rock and has been added to my “I miss my girlfriend” Tidal playlist!

“Joe Rogan thought process/Hulk Hogan when I listen to y’all raps cause I don’t hear shit” takes the cake as one of the most neatly crafted quotes in Fourpack. I’m excited to see how far Manic can stretch his artistry.

To sample Kanye in your music sets extremely high precedence for shoes you have to fill and people you have to surpass to make it to the Mount Rushmore of your era. Be it AKA, J. Cole, Tyler the creator, Jay-Z, or Mac Miller among a long line of eccentric composers, Manic has a massive mountain ahead of him, and something tells me he’s ready to rise to the challenge.