Take a trip down memory lane in Emerger’s cutesy nostalgic love song and video, “Aeroplane Park”

Indie-pop darlings Emerger deliver a gorgeously colour-soaked ode to carefree childhood frivolity in their latest single “Aeroplane Park”. It’s also a love song, wrapped in the sort of cosy memories which a childhood friendship lends to a budding love. 

Warping synth and clean-cut vocals lead from the front – building a familiar alt-pop soundscape replete in catchy hooks and a steady backbone beat. Emma De Goode’s soothing timbre reels out a vivid imagery matched only by the actual imagery in the music video.

“I woke up from a dream/ where I was stuck in a time machine/ stars on my ceiling, must be 1999,” De Goode sings against the vivid backdrop of her childhood local park. The video, shot by Kyle Wesson, juxtaposes De Goode and Gerry Matthee with their younger selves. Unspooling a cutesy love song built on the foundation of a shared childhood, spent watching MTV, and flying toy aeroplanes through the park. That sort of thing. 

It’s gorgeously reminiscent of childhood, packed in nostalgic ruminations and zesty, carefree colours – and Emerger further solidify themselves as one of the keystone bands within the alt-pop locus in South Africa.

Feature pic supplied by artist