Texx Talks

Texx Talks S9E2 features Gigi Lamayne – a lyrical queen and entrepreneurial powerhouse

For our 100th episode and the start of Africa Month, we chat to Gigi Lamayne, an SA rap powerhouse whose lyrical flexing is world class, a lady who has unapologetically blazed her own trail, preaching empowerment and taking names on whichever stage she steps. 

From the moment the country heard her hot, on point rhymes it was very clear that a new kind of hip hop star was born and her career has been equally as interesting to follow as it unfolds.  

From her humble hard working roots through to finding her own form of spiritual enlightenment that very often sought to buck the status quo, Gigi Lamayne is blazing a trail that you best don fire protection to keep up with.

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