Future Radio continue their longstanding underlying narrative in a new single and video “Give In To You”

Future Radio came up with the grand idea to pair their singles with a fascinating visual narrative which has stretched across years we’ve known them. A tried and tested method which they’ve perfected – if perhaps become overly reliant on – which almost always keeps things interesting. 

Their latest instalment comes ahead of their upcoming album, Identity, and sees them get sentimental in the form of a rollicking love song which is “Give In To You”. Syncopated bursts of riffage punctuate the smooth vocalism which reels out a tale of tumbling into love. 

There’s nothing particularly new or different about this release, but as Future Radio spools out track after track of pure, clean-cut rollicking rock goodness, I can’t deny their overarching charm. The sort of charm which will always keep you coming back for more.

The video, this time around, counters the loved-up thematic center point in favour of a slightly different tangent. Juxtaposing classic shots of the band rocking out in their studio, with an animated sequence which sees the protagonist facing a handful of struggles in the world, before realising he needs to go inward to get to the root of them. Wholesome, isn’t it?

Feature pic supplied by artist