Here are 5 things we learned about Måneskin from their candid NME Big Read feature

Since their triumphant win of 2021 Eurovision just a year ago, to their subsequent annihilation of the music scene since, Måneskin is a name that’s been on practically everyone’s lips for a while now.

They’ve rubbed shoulders with Iggy Pop, received the nod of approval from Mick Jagger, even breakfasted at Chris Martin and Dakota Johnsons’ house. It’s been a whirlwind and these guys have ridden the wave hard. 

Ahead of their recent homecoming show in Italy, the dynamic punk foursome sat down with NME for a candid conversation of the journey so far and we learned a thing or two about them we hadn’t known before. 

  1. They hadn’t played in Italy for over two years before their roaring homecoming show at the Roman amphitheatre in Verona. 

Hard to believe, considering a driving factor in their popularity is their actual motherland, but the band hadn’t played in Italy for a good year even before being catapulted to fame. 

  1. Italy is split in a love-hate relationship with them, apparently. 

You wouldn’t have guessed it considering the 22 000 fans who piled into the Roman amphitheatre, but according to the band, Italy is divided between hardcore fans and those who are less than happy with their country’s punk representation. 

  1. Jared Leto is a fan. 

Maybe this one isn’t so surprising, considering the wealth of celebrity admirers they’ve racked up. But Leto actually queued up for a selfie at one of their performances recently – Which left the band starstruck themselves. 

  1. They’re young. Like, super young. 

This might just be me, falling behind the curve, but I had pegged these guys as being in their late 20’s. Apparently not. Their collective age falls between 21 and 23. Needless to say, they’ve navigated the scene with every bit of power, punch, and persona as a group far beyond their years. 

  1. They’re not scared to call the industry out on its shit.

Really, they don’t give rats arse about what people think of them, citing Harry Styles as a modern icon for a similar mentality when it comes to the cutthroat industry. It’s not to say they don’t care, they just don’t sweat the small stuff – whether it was their decidedly cheeky new single, or the mixed response to their Britney Spears cover at Coachella.