Kimon’s latest video “Feel What You Wanna Feel” is a hopeful take on expressing as you wish – in a cinematic setting

Kimon is a soulful, captivating musician from Randburg, South Africa and his new single and music video, “Feel What You Wanna Feel” might just leave eyes watering in hopes of being able to express one’s feelings, well, freely.

The track is ushered in by smooth vocals and a solemn piano introduction – it carries a weight that would leave eyes and ears wondering. And before long the anthemic chorus kicks in. It’s a sharp contrast in feeling that can lead the ear to believe in a hopeful ending – only to return to a subdued verse once again. In a way, the music begs for a certain “pardoning” and the accompanying video only makes it more impactful.

The video essentially reenacts an eye-witness perspective on what some of us wish to have, and the beauty of it is – quite accurately backed up through lonely strings, shout choruses and shy chords from a grave piano part.

It’s the little things we can appreciate in this video. The soft colours popping out of the dullness that is “daily routine”. The quirk in public behavior – or how we carry ourselves in popular spaces despite feeling suppressed in what we feel we should be able to share with openness.

Sonically, there is a vastness to the tune of “I should just be” and it just simply allows the listener to sink into a feeling of home.

Feature pic supplied by artist