Lia Elise debuts with a searing ode to toxic relationships in her single and video, “Same Old Story”

This might be Lia Elise’s debut single, but it’s a far cry from her first rodeo. Classically trained and having performed since the age of 14, the now 20-year-old singer-songwriter has even performed alongside the likes of local legends Ard Matthews, Zolani Mahola, and GoodLuck. 

Stepping into her own now, her debut single “Same Old Story” recounts the repetitive and harrowing nature of toxic relationships, as she gets real about the gruelling dance of two people in a relationship just not meant to be. 

The intro is pivoted on a stripped singular piano line and sweet, sharp visceral vocalism. Halfway through it throws in a rousing guitar line to elevate the brooding ballad above, but somehow it falls short on the basis of overly formulaic delivery. It hits all the right spots at all the right times, but lacks the sort of unique edge which might have delivered the necessary wow factor.

The accompanying video, directed by Howie Combrink and Rici Martins, pegs her opposite a hazy lover who sits just out of reach, echoing her lyrical narrative: “Your silence is the only thing you have to say/ nothing seems to break through to you.”

But all that being said, she delivers her debut with all the polished fortitude of someone who knows what she’s doing, but perhaps needs to carve out a way to set her apart.

Feature pic supplied by artist