Tino wraps up his trio of EP projects with his latest lucid R&B offering, DRMSTATE

Tying the ribbon on a triage of EPs, Tino (aka Tinotenda Mungadzi) final installment, DRMSTATE, lets minimalism set him apart from the noise. 

The Jozi-hailing artist has termed his particular strain of new-age R&B and surrealism – influenced largely by a slew of inspirational artists, including the likes of Che Ecru and Jhene Aiko – as “lucid R&B”. A sort of hybrid of minimalist late-night R&B and melodic rap. 

Keeping things simple off the bat, the title track opens things up as an extended intro – hinged on a swirling electronic undertow and snappy rhythm as he waxes lyrical on the change pain puts you through. “HONEST” follows on with equal simplicity, while “IWYG INTERLUDE” allows a classic rap braggadocio to bleed through as he considers snapping up someone else’s girlfriend through slick polished vocalism. 

“A MYTH AMONGST MEN” takes a heavier tack, peppered in textures and a familiar Ozark soundbyte, before “SNMNBLST (Outro)” delivers a guttural baritone finale with ultimately serves as a personal mantra – as the looped verse “power, power, power” echoes throughout. 

It’s Tino’s inherent minimalism which sets him a head and shoulders above the rest with this EP – as he expertly formulates punchy yet simplistic backdrops to every track.

Feature pic supplied by artist