Will Linley’s new video for “kill all my feelings” finds the singer dangerously close to the friend zone

It’s a very exciting time for pop music in SA, with Will Linley leading the charge. His new music video for “Kill All My Feelings” manages to capture a frustrating situation in a carefree manner, owing mainly to the anthemic nature of the melody.

Directed by American film director Iris Kim (SixTwentySix Production), and shot in LA while Linley was there for an extended trip, we find the singer working in a thrift store alongside the object of his affection who’s very clearly unavailable.

Regardless of his circumstance, the two find ways to have a jol, aided by a spectacular dress-up montage that’s straight outta of a classic ’90s teen movie, while Linley pines in silence.

South Africa hasn’t seen a pop singer-songwriter of Will Linley’s calibre since Matthew Mole dropped “Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine” back in 2013, and the fact that Linley is supporting Mole on his UK tour in November speaks volumes.

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