Dangerfields tease the release of their new EP with a rousing commentary on one’s “Demons”

Dangerfields deliver a rousing clarion call to face our fears – or acknowledge them at least. Their latest single, “Demons” is lifted off their upcoming EP and serves as part of a staggered release which will span the year in an effort to keep releases regular and gradually unveil the full body of work. 

Penned in 2020 and inspired by pandemic-induced self-doubt and frustration, the track is an immersive narrative on the realities of being trapped in a situation which stops one from doing the things which bring one joy. The year 2020 being exhibit A – for almost all of us. 

On the surface “Demons” is an expertly tempered anthemic banger – deftly moving between a cascading synth-piano intro, to a driving alt-rock commentary bred to make you move. Slick guitar and snappy drums propels things forward with the sort of elastic energy which sets them apart. Lapses and crescendos trade places, while poetic sentimentalities infuse the lyrics. 

“We look at pictures and we think about the way things were,” comes a repeated line and it smacks of nostalgia, regret and a wayward concern for the future all at once. Replete with subtleties, artfully delivered nuance, and a full-throttle alt-rock energy which keeps them constantly relevant, Dangerfields bring life and light to a darker subject we’re all too familiar with.

Feature pic by Mark Reitz