Moonga K. gets snappy, sexy, and introspective in his expertly navigated new EP, IV

Moonga K. has had a whole lot going for him recently. Off the back of a slew of radio chart-toppers and his first ever SAMA nomination for Best Engineered Album of the Year (that being his recent EP Candid) he’s just dropped yet another offering – this time a bite-sized four-track EP that might just be his best yet. 

He’s also enlisted the talents of a bevy of hot shot producers – from UK hailing James McMillan (Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston), co-conspirators Phonikz and John Lundun, not to mention his Candid co-writer and producer Greg Abrahams. 

The fleeting four-track EP moves through the motions of a rhythm-rooted, jazz-inflected R&B forte. Opener “my mind” feeds off liquid synth and pattering percussion as delicate, crooning lyricism paints a picture of mental stability in seclusion, (“You can find me where the rain has started/ you can find me where I wanna breathe”). While “right these wrongs” solidifies itself as the grooviest track in the mix, replete with infectious bounce and quick-tongued verses. 

Pulling things back a notch, “with u” strips it all back to acoustics and bare-boned vocals, as Moonga spins a sweet and sultry love song bred for wholesome listening – before “up” closes things off with swooping, pulsing synth as he doubles down on his ambition, dropping some well-honed verses on climbing on up. And that, you see, is just what he’s doing.

Feature pic supplied by artist