Feel Good Series promises to deliver with its September instalment, featuring Sio and Vuyina

Anyone who attended the August edition of the Feel Good Series featuring Manana and Luh’ra will know that it lives up to its reputation as one of South Africa’s most progressive and inclusive music events. Fostering a sense of community amongst artists, fans and industry professionals alike, it is a space that thrives off creative collaboration, and we couldn’t be more excited for what they have in store for us this month.

Partnering up once again with TuneCore Africa, as well as Flying Fish, Red Bull, Morelo, and Converse, the September edition of Feel Good Series will feature acclaimed R&B songstress Sio, alongside opening act Vuyina.

Vuyina will be the main attraction of the Listening Party, and will no doubt impress listeners with her unique mixture of Afro-soul and house. She’s only at the start of her career, but that’s what makes her talent so exciting, and Feel Good Series is no doubt the launch pad for something much bigger in her future.

“To be on the stage instead of in the crowd this time around is such an honour.” says Vuyina, continuing, “Feel Good Series is one of the few platforms in South Africa that acknowledges up-and-coming artists and gives them a space to do what they love.”

Sio echoes this sentiment, adding, “Not only do they give young artists a chance to showcase their work, and have it appreciated, but they expose us to people of influence, whoever they may be. A greater audience perhaps, or greater networking opportunities.”

Sio’s latest record Torn Tapestries, released a little under a month ago, will take centre-stage at the performance showcase, her soulful and brooding sound set to dazzle.

Known too for her poetic finesse, Sio commands vulnerability with her words, laying bare her deepest thoughts and her most intimate memories, which in a live setting, will feel intensely more vivd.

Both women also highlight the importance of collaboration in their creative work, something that Feel Good Series not only nurtures, but encourages. “Feeding the live music culture for alternative artists is so necessary,” says Sio, “and to do that in a space where you are surrounded by other musicians, working with them, performing for them … that is invaluable.”  

Catch the Listening Party, powered by TuneCore Africa, on Thursday 22 September at Flame Studio, Constitutional Hill and The Live Performance Party on Saturday 24 September at Victoria Yards.