Ziggy Alberts gets flirty and frivolous in his Wes Anderson-esque new single and video, “REWIND”

Aussie troubadour, singer-songwriter and poet, Ziggy Alberts, just dropped his third and final single off his upcoming album, DANCING IN THE DARK. And, if “REWIND” has anything to say about it, we’re in for a treat next month when he hits South African shores for his touring debut here

Taking an amble off his own well-beaten track, Alberts infuses “REWIND” with some unexpected – and decidedly apt – Latin influence, delivering a Bossa Nova-esque strain of his own folky tendencies. “I want to make this sweeter baby/ can we make it personal/ wanna learn your culture, darling,” Alberts croons, before deftly dropping some Portuguese lyrics in for good measure. 

Against this sweet, sexy and decidedly summery sonic backdrop, director Josh Weir of Hype Republic keeps thing equally fresh with a Wes Anderson-inspired visual treatment – think pastel hues, a quaint ’70’s-esque hotel visit, Alberts reclining on a white piano in a blue brocade robe, evening cocktails, and sidelong glances as Alberts woos a fellow guest. It’s fresh, it’s funky, and it’s also an indisputable call to be present in the life you live. 

Catch Ziggy Alberts on tour in October in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Feature pic supplied by artist