Tyler Linkman’s Garden Flavours EP redefines what wholesome hip hop music sounds like

From the opening track of his debut EP, Garden Flavours, Tyler Linkman teases listeners with his unique lyrical style and gives a glimpse of what he has in store. Channeling the refreshing strains of a new rapper in the hip-hop genre, while breaking those stereotypes that “white boys don’t know how to rap”. 

His opening track “That Wall” kicks off the album with meekness, but soon transitions to a whimsical sound with the opening bridge in his second track “OK”. Linkman’s elaborate wordplay remains constant throughout the EP’s brief seventeen-minute runtime, showcasing his flow by making use of rhetorical strategies to win over the listener – but more so, he offers insight into his logic through his lyrical flow. 

In “Been A Minute” featuring Marcus Harvey, he reminisces on a lost love – whereas his track “Levitate”, featuring Priddy Ugly, reaffirms his status as the new kid that is about to take over the hip-hop game. 

Spend enough time listening to Tyler Linkman’s debut EP and you will be transported into different styles of storytelling, the imagery he evokes and, above all, the music he blends perfectly with beats to create a wholesome mood that will undoubtably have hip hop lovers happily bobbing their heads along to.

Feature pic supplied by artist