Aidan Fraser is back with a summer-ready pop single called “Strawberry, I Scream”

Aidan Fraser’s latest single “Strawberry, I Scream” is pop in its purest form – a colourful sonic creation where preppy vocals and bubbly melodies belie lyrics of heart-achy proportions. If listening to the song immediately evokes mental images of teens on summer holiday, then you’re bang on the mark. 

This ebullient earworm is radio bait if ever there was and, with summer in full swing and a steady stream of pop bangers diligently working to banish the remnants of winter’s melancholy , I guess we can say ’tis the season. 

“Strawberry, I Scream’s” earworm qualities are apparent from the get go and you’re faced (eared?) with the bouncing synth-come-beat which promises to run on repeat in your brain long after the song is over. Add in Fraser’s angst-laden vocals and lyrics which take a pop-laden look at heartbreak – and, by the time you reach the guitar-led chorus, you’ll be hooked.

The accompanying music video is perfect in a predictably-pop and packed-with-pastel kind of way. Spanning multiple rooms in varying shades and with differing décor (the yellow bathtub is a highlight), the video gives you the chance to appreciate Fraser’s eclectic style–think tie-dye meets fluffy pink hat-toting and baby blue sunnies–in full.

Feature pic supplied by artist