Ross Harding’s new EP, Chapter II, creates complex and affecting sonic landscapes

In his newest EP Chapter II, Ross Harding shows a strong ability to write songs with character while falling a little flat when it comes to penning more conventional rock songs. 

Opening tracks “Black Sun Blues” and “Blood and Bones”–as well as the closer “Let It Go II (Return)”–bring a certain swagger and mystery to the EP. The opener, for example, paints a landscape of dark, stormy skies with a hint of malice hanging in the air as Harding’s musings on chaos’ role in keeping balance in the world march along. On the other hand “Love and Time” and “Fire Away” are a bit lacklustre in comparison to this creativity.

Regardless, Chapter II is well worth listening to. The landscapes Ross Harding creates when he gets it right are irresistible and promise much for the future.

Feature pic supplied by artist