THE PROTOCOL SA’s debut album, Before I Exhale, is a welcome addition to the neo-R&B wave

Contemporary R&B singer, The Protocol SA, has released a collection of ten varied tracks on his debut album, Before I Exhale, that showcases his penchant for blending tempos and exploring different moods.

Single “The Drumz & the Snarez”, which features songstress Ailuro, whose addition adds a soul-infused vocal layer, while “Poison” turns the tempo up several notches as a clarion call to grind in a dark corner on the dance floor.

Tracks like “See You” exude meditative qualities and will most likely catch you staring out the window at least once. A solid interpretation of how crippling it can be watching someone you love move on without you, Protocal navigates universal themes with ease, while album closer “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” elevates the mood, paying homage to the legend himself by infusing a wailing guitar solo within the downtempo melody.

Although there’re parts where the lyrics fall somewhat short (“She’s a bomb out of Bagdad”, “Say you’re only nasty for me/ Say you’re only dirty for me”), it doesn’t detract from the varied dynamic of this neo-R&B debut that’s been thoughtfully put together.  

Feature pic supplied by artist