Writer’s Picks #009: What we’re listening to this month

How is it the end of November already?? I haven’t heard Mariah in Woolworths yet, but I know it’s coming. In fact, Mariah sent me a sneaky DM on Insta the other day and she specifically requested that everyone listen to this month’s Writer’s Picks playlist. Do with that information what you will–I’m just the messenger.

Bye Beneco kick things off with “It’s Not True Love” – taken from their recent EP Leaving All The Time–replete in impressively tempered synths and stylised soundscapes.

Next is new kid on the block Benjamin Fisher with “What It Was”–a driving pop song imbued with stoic joy. We can’t wait to see what he brings us next year, we just know it’s gonna be good.

VenusRaps makes an appearance after her recent comeback, in the form of a collection of performance videos titled ‘The Evergreen Series’ . “11 11” is the first single she’s revisiting, taken from her 2021 debut mixtape Heir, laced with a rugged yet vulnerable R&B bravado.

Other highlights include Morena Leraba’s “Morea-rea”; Manana’s “Inside”; Jesse Clegg’s rework of his father’s classic “Hoping For A Miracle” featuring Msaki; and ByLwansta’s fiery collaboration with ZULO, aptly titled “SALTY”.

And to end things off, some undeniably FRESH finds, coming from Luukhanyo, “Hii ROLLER” a groovy soul-breakdown that I’ve had on repeat for the last few days now; Lenoy Barkai’s off-kilter ballad “Do I Really Wanna Know?”; Namakau Star’s funky collab with The Planetoids; and Sincerely Anne’s well, sincere, new offering “Cease Fire”.

Alright folks, remember what Mariah said, go listen to this playlist otherwise no X-mas bangers for you.