Augusta Zeitsman’s latest offering “Lekker Hou” is a boisterous ode to the platteland

Stepping away from the screen to pursue a career in music, Augusta Zeitsman is satisfying a personal urge to put something of her own out into the world: to be a creator.

You might know her for her role in the hit Netflix show Blood And Water, or from Die Dinge Van ‘n Kind and Die Horries. Versed as a playwright and screenwriter, having written movies for the likes of Showmax, Zeitsman is always looking for new ways to live out her creativity.

She made her musical debut last year with “Baljaar”, which was shortly followed by “Goeie Nuus” – both tracks exemplifying a new wave of electronic Afrikaans rap bred for the dance floor.

Her latest offering, “Lekker Hou”, does much of the same, bringing a rough sound backed by the bravado of her unfaltering hip-hop persona. A droning synth bass line swells under sparse rhythms and a boisterous echo of horns, as Zeitsman sings about the small town dreams of the “platteland”.

The music video, directed by Regardt Visser, is a visual interpretation of leaving one’s innocence behind, and the simplicities of home being tainted by a ruthless world. It opens with an informal definition of the phrase “lekker hou”: to behave decently by not being a snob. Cruising on a bike or dressed as a ballerina, Zeitsman’s bold performance unfolds to the backdrop of her own rural platteland, as she pines for simpler times.

Feature pic supplied by artist