Converse All Stars and The Kiffness strive to uncover the meaning of Sound and Song

Converse globally, has been adopted by musicians, artists, athletes, dreamers, and thinkers, with distinct connections around the globe and across cultures.

The brand is continuously spearheading the creative spirit in individuals through its Create Now. Create Next movement and continues its legacy of championing personal expression by bringing together established and emerging creatives from its global All-Star Community to collaborate and create unique musical sounds, tracks and beats to inspire movement and spark connection. 

As a brand that has always prided themselves in empowering, community building and creating opportunities, Converse has invested in four South African-based All-Stars (Muruńwa Mutele, Nikita Adams, Barney Modise and Ryan Nortjie) along with Capetonian-born live electronic act, The Kiffness, an artist that is constantly creating their Next and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a creative.

This collaboration journey began with a two-day mentorship programme where the Kiffness mentored these All Stars and assisted them in discovering their unique sound, putting this into practice by producing a track, joining the Kiffness on their five German city tour where the individuals could be inspired by sounds that others would think are just normal or even unusual and ultimately finessing and sharing their track with SA and the rest of the world.

Their project alongside the Kiffness, tasked the All Stars to look deep into what sound meant and how different sounds can culminate into something very magical.  How strange sounds to some, like a cat meow can be a bridge to a symphony or how a parrot squawk could be an intro to a trending song.

“October 2022 is a month I will never forget A huge take away from this whole experience is what we learned from the Kiffness in the studio, his stage presence, and the live performances. Getting a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to make it in the industry, and it comes down to consistency in your content and how you as an individual are breaking through barriers to be unique in your own field,” explained All-Star Ryan Nortje.

At its core, Converse believes everyone has a role to play in self-expression and music is a borderless enabler to express the vibrancy of culture and bridge connection, and we’re super keen to see what amazing music the Converse All-Stars and The Kiffness will produce and perform in the future.