David Curry sings to the beauty of the small moments in his new single and video, “Early Morning”

Bred for your breezy summertime playlists, David Curry’s fresh new single and video, “Early Morning” is an ode to all the small things which make life so worthwhile. 

It’s a light-footed, cleanly produced acoustic folk offering – replete in frivolous guitar strains, chiming piano (courtesy of Sarah McArthur) and snappy drums (from Matt Catto of Hatchetman), overlaid with Curry’s trademark clarified vocals as he delivers this summertime lullaby of a track. 

And really, it’s the infectiously uplifting quality of the song which catches and holds attention. Curry favours a familiar sort of folk-pop sound which just about always sits pretty on the ears – and while he may err occasionally on the basis of simplicity, his crisp production, and zealous melodies keep him on repeat. 

The video, filmed by ​​Adriaan Labuschagne, keeps things equally light – if lacking something as solidifying as a storyline – as it counters sweeping aerial shots of Table Bay and Atlantic surfing, with languid drives into the sunset, and seaside frivolities. It’s a sunsoaked montage of all the little things which bring joy – read morning coffee before the surf, roadside stops on lengthy road trips, coming home from work to a quiet home, or a city break in the park when life gets a little too much. You know the sort.

Feature pic supplied by artist