Joss Austin teams up with Baker Grace for a sweetly nostalgic indie pop collab called “Missing You”

Just over a year ago, Joss Austin signed to US label Riveting Music–an impressive rung on the industry ladder to reach–which is also home to songstress Baker Grace. Penned across continents and yawning time zones, the two just teamed up for a catchy, cutesy indie acoustic pop collab titled “Missing You”. 

It’s one of those infectious pop songs whose gauzy sonic overtone juxtaposes the nostalgic subtleties of the themes beneath. It’s a break up song, really. Weighted in palpable sadness and regret from both sides of the coin. 

Grace’s crooning, pitching timbre sets the scene, while Austin drops his counterpart come the second verse. It’s the sort of acoustic indie pop track which would not have gone amiss in the late ’00’s or early 2010’s yet still sits pretty these days. Packed with familiar hooks bred for radio play as the two wax lyrical on love lost. “All the things I wish I would’ve said when you still loved me/ I don’t know why I’m acting like we’re through,” comes the prevailing chorus line. 

The music video keeps things simple: two regretful humans singing to a moody beach sunset. But it’s this simplicity which makes this track such a classic and effortlessly enjoyable little slice of indie-pop.

Feature pic supplied by artist