Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys’ new single “Burning Building” is a mouth-watering taste of their upcoming album

“Burning Building”, the latest single from Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys’ upcoming album, contrasts its predecessor, “Stereoscope”, with an infectious, angsty beat that takes us back to high-school corridors and a chorus rife with teen-impatience.

“Hey girl, let’s go” chants a restless cheerleader chorus. Accompanying this line are one-and-two-half frames of a romantic, apocalyptic-burning rose that serves as a backdrop for font-frenzied lyrics, with each word bringing its own meticulous rhythmic emphasis.

“Hey girl, let’s go,” again, but now the vocals have returned to the familiarity of weighty adulthood as Kruger bathes the words in her trademark mystery. Another rendition and we’re suspended over impending disaster by nothing but the line “I’m sauntering out of a burning building,” which collapses into cataclysmic noise.

This nonchalance in the midst of catastrophe stops the mind in its tracks. It’s an image so potent one can’t help but stagger. Then, a verse fraught with conflicting feelings dives down the rabbit-hole back to high-school before the next verse whips us back to the present.

Still the rose burns as Kruger catwalks out of the building into a fire-storm sparked by success’ insatiable demands – where a magazine’s glossy sheets become a she, caught in fame’s myriad spotlights and the word ‘prey’ retreats and comes back as ‘pray’ with the vocals building to an animalistic howl.

And then violins lead a lamenting, fatalistic reprise of “it’s the only home I know” in a funeral march that tells the ultimate truth of a song rich in feeling – and which only leaves us wanting more. 

Feature pic by Holgar Nitschke