Take a deep dive, literally, with Ziggy Alberts in the new video for his moving single, “Dancing In The Dark”

Kicking off the year in atmospheric tranquility, Ziggy Alberts just gave the lead single off his most recent album a visual treatment – and it’s a deep dive, quite literally, into moving through difficult situations with grace. 

“Dancing In The Dark” navigates the reality of navigating the dark and the discomfort with some semblance of acceptance. A quintessentially cool-toned acoustic ballad, it pairs plucked guitar strains, sweeping strings and Alberts’ own, crooning vocalism for a sweeping, ambient listening experience. 

And the music video takes this very ambience and puts it to sweeping visuals. Captured by ocean videographer Andre Rerekura in Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, it csees Alberts taking to the oceanic depths of the reef as he freedives amongst the coral. 

It’s a gorgeously weighted visual. Alberts sleekly moves with a familiar curiosity beneath the waves. Fish dart in and out of frame, a disturbed stingray wriggles free from beneath the sand to glide above it, Alberts lays on the seafloor in rumination.

There is even a surreal moment captured of Alberts swimming alongside a massive whale shark. As he, once again, delivers an offering that’s as much a balm to the listener as it is an ode to the world at large.

Feature pic by Janneke Storm