Cece Vee delivers some hard truths on the state of the world in her sharp-edged single “Funeral for the World”

Cece Vee truly has grown in leaps and bounds when it comes to her sonic prowess. Since her darker revamp in 2021, she moved through the motions with swift consistency, even scooping a SAMA nomination last year. Now she’s kicking off 2023 with a knife-sharp commentary on the wayward state of the planet in her searing new single “Funeral for the World”. 

Never shying away from the darker corners of reality, Cece Vee delivers some cold, hard truths here – against a pulsing synth backdrop and cutting lyrics peppered in sci-fi references. “I wish my third eye was blind to the wreckage left behind by the money men,” she sings against a fibrillating melody and all at once I’m struck by the fact that, as shadowy as her sound has always been, this is easily her darkest track yet. 

It’s an impressive offering, hinged on a familiar ubiquity we all try to shy away from, and bolstered by her own unique sonic stance. “Funeral for the World” feels like just that – backed by the accompanying visualiser which sees her stand stoically upon a blazing globe.

“I feel like many people feel disillusioned with the world as we have been faced with so much tragedy and hardship over the last few years,” she explains, “made even more readily visible via social media, that it’s left us sadly quite desensitized and cynical.” And I personally can’t deny it.

Feature pic by Jane Crossland