Lance Herman waxes lyrical on love and platonic idealism in his fresh indie-pop single and video, “Saturn”

Cape Town hailing singer-songwriter Lance Herman drops a gorgeously ambient indie-pop homage to the push and pull dynamic between platonic simplicity and flawed romance. Against the backdrop of Cape Town’s streets by night, he gets real on the pros and cons of navigating relationships. 

Lifted off Herman’s debut EP, “Saturn” is indie-pop at its clearest. Jangling guitar rubs shoulders with cruising drums and the sort of full-bodied crooning vocals which fills the track out right to the edges. Emotive melody pivots the song, while languid rhythm keeps it in check. 

The video, shot between 2018 and 2021, was a five year process in the making, shot by two different directors of photography –  Lamar Bonhomme and Christiaan Jonck – and directed by Herman himself. 

It juxtaposes Herman morosely riding a bus home with snapshots of a triage of friends enjoying a wholesome night out strolling the town – the desaturated lens enigmatically contrasting platonic intimacy and romance gone wrong as the prevailing line, “Lover, you got me wrong/ sister, you are my only friend,” loops through with casual emotion.

Feature pic supplied by artist