YoungstaCPT and Shaney Jay show astonishing range on tribute song “Benni McCarthy”

YoungstaCPT and Shaney Jay have released one of the most phenomenally complex songs I’ve heard of late. “Benni McCarthy” is a clear tribute to South African footballing legend, with opening bars quoting Benni on his move from South Africa to footballing giants Manchester United – a move that has proven extremely successfully for him. But the song’s meaning runs far deeper than that. Apart from exploring the themes of roots and identity, it has now also become a swansong to the late, great rapper AKA, a long time United Supporter and YoungstaCPT collaborator. 

YoungstaCPT and AKA have a well-documented history after recording “Main Ou’s” together – a track that also plays on the theme of community and pride, and the overall sentiment behind “Benni McCarthy” reads: “Dedicated to Benni McCarthy, In Memory of Kieran “AKA” Jarryd Forbes – Forever United.”

The track itself is excellently produced and written. The sense of bridging the gap between Cape Town and Manchester is exhibited beautifully in the diverse range of song, as outstanding use of language and phrasing explores a juxtaposition between the two areas. The track is what you would expect from an artist of YoungstaCPT’s calibre. The production is flawless. The genre blend is very special as it draws from the well established SA scene but emulates elements of UK drill for an obvious but well-thought-of theme.

Feature pic supplied by artist