Dxniel Fxrbes teases listeners with his three track EP, From me, To you

Dxniel Fxrbes‘ latest EP From me, To you, dives straight into the sort of new age R&B and soul that has changed vastly since its inception in the early ’90’s. Featuring mellow sounds combined with themes of love which carry out through all three tracks, it’s a showcase of throwback sound made current.

“I Need You” has Fxrbes settling into a vibe with simple melodies – whilst his feature with Jaysplxff in “One Call” transitions between melodic vocals and their rapped counterparts to instil a bit of head-bopping.

As it goes, the EP does not make much use of complex wordplay and does not delve deeply into Fxrbes’ state of mind – instead it maintains a steady, mellow flow throughout the three tracks. The delivery of “Call You” is blended with simple wordplay and sonic beats as he connects to listeners without revealing too much about himself.

There is a distinct focus of a former lover throughout the feeling offering, but I can’t help but feel there needs to be a broader focus or exploring of other ideas that Fxrbes can tap into. R&B context is now more than just love and sex – it explores how and to what extend relationships between individuals can evolve into in order for them to find value in their relationships and apply it.

Regardless of the somewhat stilted love theme that this EP carries throughout, Fxrbes gives us plenty of vibes with sultry beats and a revamped 2000’s era sound that carries through with familiarity.

From me, To you gives us just one more reason as to why we should keep listening to this timeless genre – and is a solid entry into his discography as Dxniel Fxrbes to boot.

Feature pic supplied by artist