Jamie-Lee Sexton delivers a punchy ode to freedom in her brand new single and video, “Run Run Run”

Jamie-Lee Sexton pulls no punches as she flexes innate simplicity and sonic prowess simultaneously in her latest single and video “Run Run Run” – which serves as a rallying tribute to personal freedom and the empowerment that comes along with paving the way to living on your own terms. 

Favouring a backdrop medley of sound which pairs indie-pop with infectious dance rhythm,  elevating the otherwise fairly simplistic track beyond, Sexton spins a tale of personal liberty as she urges both herself and those around her to run and break any shackles holding them back. “I feel the sun sun sun on my body/ And there’s a whole new world in front of me,” she sings with polished effervescence as the heady, bulbous beat of the chorus lifts once more. 

She channels simple lyricism but every word hits its mark – while the video, set within the lush canopy of a pine forest, sees Sexton and an assembly of dancers cut intuitive shapes among the trees. It’s a visual which captures the essence and energy of the track with cumulative, animalistic movement. 

“Run Run Run” is about paving your own road, it’s about self-discovery, but mostly it’s about the bravery to explore what might just be.

Feature pic supplied by artist