Tino is determined to have it all in the new video for “ELEVATE”

Meet Tino: a singer, songwriter and producer, Jozi native who is keen to shake up the local R&B scene – and his latest music video “ELEVATE” is a testament to his aspirations. 

The track fuses R&B and hip-hop to create a soothing tune that conveys a strong message of leveling up. “I’m coming for everything, this is a war,” he sings, expressing his desire to go farther than where he is now. The song showcases his dulcet tones as his rap dropped prowess.

The single is accompanied by a simple yet effective music video that sees TIno running towards his destiny with the infinity sign occasionally appearing on screen to symbolise the never ending grind – with the lyrics unfurling across the monochromatic frames.

“ELEVATE” paves the path for future wins and the motivation to never settle, while the quiet power in the video sees Tino showing how far simplicity with visuals can go when a song is strong.

Feature pic supplied by artist