Cindy-Louise finds disillusionment in her latest single “Innocence”

In “Innocence” Cindy-Louise pines over disillusionment with uncharacteristic juvenility and a lack of originality.

Previous releases (see “Woman of My Own Damn Mind” and “Tattoo”) show a willingness to explore and captivate but this latest single falls victim to somewhat uninspiring lyrics like “my innocence is gone / there’s no going back” and “how can I reach to grab the knife you put in my back”.

Musically the song is also let down by unimaginative, Evanescence-inspired composition that stays true to an outdated formula and a mix that stifles everything that should explode with passionate angst. Then there are the high vocal harmonies that sound more like swarming mosquitoes than any kind of genuine catharsis.

Dominated by black and featuring a bloodied rose and hands and mouth, the video stays true to the general teen-heartbreak trend but succeeds in bringing a somewhat tangible mood to proceedings.

Compared to what Cindy-Louise has released before, some of which has been listened to tens-of-thousands of times, “Innocence” is trapped and crippled by uncharacteristic immaturity.

Feature pic by Shaun Leighton