Tamara Dey flaunts her ability to drop decade-spanning dance music in her new EP La Musica

Tamara Dey spans decades of influence on her latest EP, La Musica. In keeping with the timelessness of the dance genre, she draws from across her personal scope when it comes to this collection of bangers – shifting from ’80’s-esque pop and vibrant disco, to thumping modern EDM proclivities. 

And there’s a slew of collaborators – on both vocals and production – lending this EP the punch it ultimately delivers. German disco pop outfit The Planetoids join Dey on her opener “Appetite”, pairing spacey synth and liquid rhythm to tell a tale of hedonistic indulgence. DRC rapper Capso makes an appearance on “Dey L’Afrique”, for a progressive, punchy number laced in infectious funk energy. 

But it’s on her solo stuff where Dey really shines. Title track “La Musica” pays homage to the healing power of sound with a thumping EDM beat driving the late-night banger. Flutey textures and subtle synth thread through – before “You & I” returns to the ’80’s, with a contemporary twist alongside Jann Klose. 

Infectious dance music, led by impressively consistent variety is the name of Dey’s game. And she keeps the energy high with the unambiguous groove of “Disco Therapy” before an Afro-disco rendition of Brenda Fassie’s own “Promises” wraps things up with polished pizazz.

Feature pic supplied by artist