MERIT knits humanity and nature in her visceral new single “In Waves”

“How much nothing can you be?” asks MERIT over a fibrillating bass beat, thudding electronics kicking off her latest track “In Waves” with a heady punch. Originally from Berlin, she recently relocated to Cape Town and has been unspooling inspiration from the Mother City ever since. 

“In Waves” comes as a nuanced sonic contradiction. While the thematic scope of the song was inspired by a walk along a lagoon, where MERIT found herself caught up in the sheer magnitude of the natural world, the song keeps things firmly electronic. Dark, nocturnal, thudding bass, and introspective lyricism channeling the indisputable connection between humans and nature. 

It’s expertly explorative and striking within its nuance. “In Waves” is a track that makes you think, that pulls poetry from the supposedly mundane and puts it to such a punchy soundtrack that brand new meaning is gleaned from where there was none before. Watch this space.

Feature pic supplied by artist