blaqkongo and Mr Blasé release a bass-heavy ode to the groove titled “The Line”

“We chose our truth with this song, and that is bass-bin rattling, sweat-inducing groove.”

If ever there was a sentence that could perfectly sum-up a piece of music, it’s this one. Titled “The Line”, it’s the latest collaborative offering by blaqkongo and Mr. Blasé, summoning the deep-tech enthusiasts back to their house roots.

The pair met around five years ago and shared an instant passion for good mixing skills, as well as a dirty bassline. “The kind that could fill a room,” they tell me. “‘The Line’ represents both of our truest expressions – groove, grit, soul and honesty.”

Moving the subwoofer to the max, “The Line” pulses with intensity, while a vocal mantra echoes the words “push it over the line“.

The club culture that both blaqkongo and Mr Blasé were drawn to was built on minimalism, where the groove was the main hook. “We were also very conscious when making this track that it didn’t have a modern gloss,” they tell me, “but we were happy to pursue the feeling the song gave us, knowing it must’ve been similar to when house and techno luminaries like the Bellville Three,  Kevin Saunderson and others were first exploring what is, today, electronic music.”

When asked about their shared writing process, they tell me, “it’s all about the drums kids, it’s all about the drums!” The result is expertly organic, awash with the instinct and artistry of two seasoned beat-makers.

Though minimal, it’s far from hollow, reminiscent of groove-based pioneers like Larry Heard, Ron Trent and Kerri Chandler. Crafted for an unrestrained, head-pounding, body-shaking dance experience, “The Line” takes its place as a striking testament to the spirit of underground dance music.