Onesimus looks to the future on Afropop jam “Bygones”

Malawian singer, Onesimus has been on the come up since making his debut in 2016. The crooner who is on the path to  becoming an Afro-fusion sensation is back with an EP titled, I Am Strong, with the lead single for the project being the upbeat banger “Bygones”. 

The single addresses a sour breakup where one person refuses to let the other go. But unlike many songs that dwell on hurt, “Bygones” features a glimmer of hope with the broken-hearted finding better prospects. Tackling a theme many can relate to through a brilliantly executing play on Afrobeats and R&B, the track stands out.

The visualiser is a well crafted illustration of the tune’s theme through the use of vibrant colour. It begins with the imagery of a woman putting a record on. A clever incorporation of the phrase “sounds like a broken record” can describe the back and forth between the singer and his former flame. The woman shown is the artist’s new love interest, the two can be seen enjoying their time together. Visuals of the singer in a happier relationship are interrupted with flashbacks to unhappier times.

“Bygones” plays brilliantly on popular trends in African music while cementing Onesimus’ position as a mover and shaker. By being recognisable in sound and theme, the song is slated for a great reception.

Feature pic supplied by artist