The Misty Cliffs flex their sonic diversity in their debut self-titled album

Meet The Misty Cliffs: the genre-bridging trio fresh outta Cape Town, whose varied approach to their sound flexes their sonic diversity and prosaic lyrics. Comprising of Nick Turner, Nick Catto, and Matt Catto, there’s an undeniable hint of the Deep South thrown in with their pop, rock, indie and funk influence. 

Their debut self-titled album serves as a pick-your-favourite platter of just what they have to offer. Funk takes the centre-stage for the first few tracks, with opener “Soda & Lime” pairing a heady bass and bopping rhythm with the infectious hook “Welcome to your future, I hope you have a good time”, while the snappy commentary on the digital age in “Screen Saviour” pulls that funk hook in too. 

They keep things close to home with flecks of maskandi on “Don’t Complicate It”, echoed in the hopeful strains of outro “Rainbow Child”. There’s even a lick of reggae in the self-effacing, living-in-the-moment bars of “Break Up” thrown in for good measure. 

Thematically the album seems to flip from sentimental heartbreak to the throes of love and back again. “Make Me Feel” is unapologetically lovelorn, while “Surfer’s Corner” indulges in the good times gone by with nostalgia seeping in at the edges. 

There are times when their varied influences seem to take precedence over a sound which is uniquely theirs, but The Misty Cliffs keeps things real with a polished debut and things can only go up from here.

Feature pic by Belia Oh Photography