Kitcheners as we know it to close its doors this weekend after 15 years of business

To say that Kitcheners was a haven for Joburg’s alternative creative underbelly to grow and thrive would be a gross understatement, for the longest time it was the fuel to the artistic scene’s fire.

That’s why when the venue made the announcement yesterday morning across social that they’d be closing at the end of the month, and having one final jol this weekend before they pack up, the outpouring of love and memories was swift, mixed with sadness and disappointment that another venue has essentially bitten the dust.

Raise and glass and read the full statement below, and hopefully make the mission to celebrate Kitcheners’ team one last time.

It is with heartbreak that we announce that due to economic circumstances the team behind Kitcheners will be moving on after 15 years of steering this ship through the choppy waters that is Joburg life. We are incredibly proud to have been at the forefront of the city culture for the last decade and half.

Through all the ups and down’s we’ve helped launch the careers of countless Performers, DJs, Comics and Promoters, made a huge positive impact on societal norms including perspectives on racism, gender and sexual equality, introduced wives to their husbands and most of all had a great time doing it.

Please join us this coming long weekend as we host a 2 night extravaganza inviting a number of people to perform who have been instrumental in building the space over the years.

The space will undergo renovations under new custodianship to which we wish the best.

Hope to see you there for a last party. Much love, Us.

Lineup: Adillxh-Si’Noir – DJ Bob – IIAM LELO Billy Melodias – Rosie Parade -DJ DANGER INGOZI – Grand Daddy Coppashot x Bobotikal – EntertainaX Kurwen – Maria McCloy – Jazzuelle Fly Machine Sessions – uFazinator Lenzo – DJ Medicine – Mr Blanket Lotion x Dzaddy Tee – DJ Teedo Love OffBeat – Tha Čutt – Phatstoki – Black Andrew The DJ