Sextape’s new single “Blitzkrieg” is an anarchistic look at how messed up this country is

Sextape are a classic, hard-hitting post-punk group that I’m pretty sure have a fire live set. I haven’t seen it, but I can hear on their latest single “Blitzkrieg” that they go in hard. The attacking guitar of Lucas Crowley paired with the explosive, driving fuzz of Dylan Fowle’s guitar, both backed by the ferocious rhythm section of Geoff De Sousa (bass) and Christopher Chaye (drums) creates an expansive, rolling soundscape.  

Lyrically, its cutting and cynical with Crowley throwing out, “Caesar and his commandeers are smiling through their teeth/ Once you get the taste of blood then nothing’s quite as sweet.” In paints a rough picture of how those in power crave more and more of it, no matter the cost. Sounds familiar.

As the first single off their upcoming debut EP Concrete Funerals, “Blitzkrieg” does well in cementing Sextape’s aggressive, industrial take on post-punk that reflects the decay and dilapidation of The City Of Gold, while their use of blunt vocals and instrumental melodies present a silver lining of sorts.