WONDERboom’s video for “Deadly” is a vibrant reminder to embrace life’s playful side

WONDERboom’s latest track and accompanying music video might just catch you off guard, blending synth-rock with cheerleaders and a basketball court, highlighting the versatility of these local veterans.

“Deadly”, the latest song off their upcoming album Hard Mode, is a delicate balance of dark and light. The mix of ‘80s pop with a sprinkle of darkwave and a catchy chorus-line give the song an effect close to OutKast’s “Heya”.

The pop undertones carry a jovial feeling, but the lyrical content tells a far heavier story. The track deals with the challenges of grappling with love whilst dealing with other issues – Cito’s vocals carry a haunting atmosphere, leaving a lingering chill.

Produced by industry stalwart Matthew Fink, “Deadly” is complemented by a whimsical music video set in a sports-themed backdrop. Featuring the band engaged in a basketball match cheered on by spirited cheerleaders sporting “DEADLY” emblazoned shirts, the video’s vibrant colours and playful tone provide a striking contrast to the song’s introspective mood. Whether intended or not, it reminds viewers that there’s always a glimmer of light in challenging situations. 

Talking on the surprising visual, guitarist Martin Schofield said, “It was definitely one of the most enjoyable videos we’ve ever done. The extras and actors made it! As a band, we’ve never made a sports-themed music video. Too much fun was had as we realised how useless we are at serious sports. Enjoy it, we certainly did!”

The excitement for the band’s first full-length project in seven years is palpable, and “Deadly” is a great preview of what’s to come.

Hard Mode will be available to listen and purchase on March 22nd.