Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions celebrate African wilderness on new single “Made Of Sun”

SA indie-folk group Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions have returned with their first new release in a minute titled “Made of Sun”, a celebration of our interconnectedness with the earth, and how nature guides and mirrors our love for one another and the greater earth community.

“As a South African singer songwriter, much of my music is inspired by our enduring landscapes,” explains frontman Ben Dey. “‘Made of Sun’ is no exception, echoing the unique wilderness of Africa. Music, as my creative expression, is intertwined with my love for the wild spaces around us, and I pay homage to that connection with ‘Made of Sun.'”

The collaborative and exploratory creative process behind the song drew influences from landscapes and sounds to produce a project the band is monumentally proud of.

The music video captures the wild foothills of the Drakensburg with Ben Dey framed as a wandering nomad. “The visual narrative follows the nomad as he moves through the environment,” says Ben. “The environment opens up to him as he moves through it. There is no separation between the man and the environment. It shines with meaning. This encapsulates the message of ‘Made of Sun’.“