Blue Vow makes an existential return with new single “The Weather Had Its Way”

The romantic appeal of Blue Vow’s dark-rock sound is ever-evolving, and her new single “The Weather Had Its Way” marks the start of a new chapter in her career.

The single comes with the announcement of new album Death of A Big Black Dog, set for release in September. With a slow-burning ambience and noise-driven sounds, Blue Vow (real name Chelsea Ann Peter) plays with sound to exorcise a dissection of power.

It’s an introspective deep-dive into the profound impact of patriarchal norms on individual identity, confronting the oppressive forces that shape one’s life from birth. A hefty theme for a hefty musical landscape.

The melodies feel existential – searching – while sparse rhythms pulsate amidst Vow’s droning vocal delivery. It recalls the style of Lucy Kruger or even Nick Cave, also searching, with some feeling of defiant discontentment. And if it’s anything to go by, this is just the start.

Cover photo courtesy of Pierre Rommelaere.