Lost//Youth stun with their sophomore project First Light

Lost//Youth are back with their sophomore release First Light and it’s a testament to the band’s growth, as they handle big themes and even bigger emotions.

Vocalist Alanna Joy Wells describes the inspiration for the album as “something that began with a moment of feeling in time, which was inevitably informed by a broader concept as it developed.” That raw emotion translates beautifully into a project that encompasses both softness and lightness.

The album carries the band’s sound well, with delicate tracks given an edge by the accompaniment of gruff bass and drums. “The title follows a theme,” says Wells. “First light signifies a light at the end of the tunnel. It follows on from Chasing Shadows, which was far less optimistic in tone, and offers hope even after heartbreak and loss.”

Opener “Cold” is an introspective offering about growing up and constantly having to fight off the easiness of indifference, carried by a vulnerable vocal performance. Similarly, “Bittersweet” represents the very organic nature of First Light’s inception, stemming from a diary entry. Alanna explains, “The songwriting process for this flowed naturally. Our process included all of us writing together, which is different from our previous project, where we wrote things prior and brought them together.” 

“Stray”, a song inspired by Alanna’s best friend (also featuring her on backing vocals) is definitely a highlight of the EP. Its subtle wisp of angst helps intensify its mood, while closer “Bloom” offers a harrowing exploration of grief.

The track is accompanied by a video depicting Alanna’s vision of spring. Think the colour orange, flowers in bloom. With this in mind, the band searched for flowers before settling on a location in Philadelphia, with visuals of Alanna navigating the picturesque fields. Through the delicate symbolism of sunrise and spring, “Bloom” serves as a poignant reminder of the healing power found on the other side of grief.

For Lost//Youth, the creation of First Light illuminated a newfound songwriting process. Alanna reflects, “Everything was very DIY, but we did have a lot of help from Ruan Vos at Sonic Nursery, who really helped refine the project.” The result is an emotionally captivating experience that showcases their growth, but also heralds the possibility of finding light amidst darkness.