Moonchild Sanelly’s “Scrambled Eggs” is a future-ghetto celebration of powerful women

Everything that Moonchild Sanelly does feels groundbreaking, but her latest stunt takes it to a new level. She’s written a track about scrambled eggs, called “Scrambled Eggs”, and it’s pretty brilliant.

Out via Transgressive, the track was produced by Johan Hugo (Self Esteem, Miguel, M.I.A) and is the first single to be taken from Moonchild’s forthcoming new studio album, which will be announced later this year.

Stylistically, it feels like a joyous return to Moonchild’s singular creative vision – one defined by the future-ghetto-funk sound that first catapulted her onto the global scene. She’s since collaborated with everyone from Beyoncé to Ghetts, Gorillaz to Major Lazer and Wesley Joseph to Wizkid, but “Scrambled Eggs” is a plain take on her classic roots.

It’s inspired by the world’s obsession with avo and eggs for breakfast, as noticed by Sanelly after she started travelling the world and staying in expensive hotels. “It became a thing… you get avo and eggs at the good places,” she says.

But scrambled eggs are certainly a metaphor for some much bigger themes. Sanelly is enjoying her newfound success and she’s not afraid to admit it. The chorus hook repeats the line “I make a lot of money” as the superstar muses over the pride she feels for what she has achieved.

The video, directed by Jabu Nadia Newman, is action-packed to say the least, depicting a kind of female-led business empire. A mob of femme characters in colourful balaclavas go around looting stores and stealing eggs from men, masquerading behind a provocative gluttony that perfectly captures the essence of this powerful single.

“This video marks my arrival at the beginning. It’s the beginning of being in THAT space; this new world that this crazy, amazing, powerful, beautiful gang of absolute muthaf**kers built together. This world contains everything I’ve ever worked for. These are my people, and this is our superhero moment,” says Sanelly, and rightly so.