Porcelain Moon’s new single “Wishbone” is the start of new chapter for the duo

The first time I heard Porcelain Moon (then Emerger) was in 2018 when they submitted their debut single “Break & Fall” to TATC. That song won them the Avid & Abbey Road Studios International Song Contest out of approximately 5000 international entries, and their subsequent career has seen them craft some of the best synth-pop to ever come out of SA. But it’s this new phase of their career that bodes incredibly interesting things for the now-married duo.

Their first single as Porcelain Moon (also can we take a second for the cute new name??) is “Wishbone”, a bittersweet nu-disco-ish, indie pop anthem about the unraveling of a relationship, metaphorically captured by the image of a wishbone being pulled apart. The lyrics, written by vocalist Emma Goode, explores the painful realisation that a bond is fracturing, mirroring the experience of those around them at the time.

“We wrote this song at a time when a lot of relationships around us were falling apart,” says Emma. “At the same time Gerry and I were planning our wedding, so it sparked a lot of introspection and intense reflection during a time that was simultaneously filled with joy and excitement.”

While the subject matter is poignant, the song’s production offers a dance floor-ready counterpoint. “For the production of ‘Wishbone’, I wanted to create a soundscape that was both nostalgic and fresh,” explains Gerry Matthee, who composed and produced the track. “We leaned heavily into the use of ’80s-inspired synths and drum machines, but with a modern twist.” Funky guitars and a driving bassline round out the song, making “Wishbone” a catchy and danceable exploration of heartbreak and its hazy, lush video only further serves to amplify its relevance.