S’BO GYRE delivers urban pride with new album Altar Call

S’bo Gyre has slowly been sharpening their nails since the release of “Queernomics” for their planned takeover of hip-hop, and the result is “Altar Call.” An intimate, approachable, mature installation in their already growing queer-forward hip-hop discography.

The 26-year-old rapper has not been a stranger to the underground alt-scene of hip-hop, and has had to compete with multiple heavy hitters, but amongst all this noise, their new take has opened the door to a whole new ideology of music – that of the queer hip-hop artist. Not one to shy away from a challenge, S’bo Gyre’s “Altar Call” is a strong pillar of urban sounds, coloured by the glitter of pride, self-belief and individuality.

The influences of producers like LTO and Trinity Beatz is heavily felt, as well as slight touches of lo-fi from producer Yolophonic. Artists like Dali Danger, Brassy Sounds and Tim Welsh from Goodluck also all feature on the record, making for an eclectic mix of style and sound. There’s amapiano and gqom hiding in there too, you just need to look for it.

From quiet beginnings and grungy, underground scenes to what promises to be a flagship album in the new queer mainstream, S’bo Gyre’s “Altar Call” is already a new fan favourite.