Watch Martin Philips’ heartfelt video for “Test Of Time”

Martin Philips picked up the guitar at the age of 15 after seeing live videos of our favourite ginger, Ed Sheeran on YouTube, which sparked his creative consciousness and lay the foundation for his love for music.

Not long after he started writing his own songs, and fell in love with the idea of creating music where his feelings and experiences would speak to people on a deeper level.

Throughout high school, Phillips played an array of gigs around Cape Town, and started recording and releasing his own original material circa 2019. Afterwards, he attended audio school in Cape Town, where he started working with fellow students on his debut EP, Happy In Foreign Weather, where he chose the four best songs out of 102 original songs that he has written.

With his prowess for songwriting firmly established, it’s little surprise that his current single and video for “Test Of Time” ensures that he comes out of the block swinging in 2024. Directed by Ruan Roberts and filmed by Crucible Films, the video follows a couple on a date-day around the picturesque Cape peninsula, that culminates in a small serenade which is cute AF. Watch the video below.