Wrestling-themed show featuring local music titans packs a punch

Remember the world of pro wrestling? It’s hard to forget those over-the-top storylines that pitted superstars against superstars, and the events where beloved faces returned to thunderous reception. Just like those unforgettable moments in wrestling, a recent show featuring I Believe in Giants, CrashCarBurn, and Facing The Gallows, aptly titled The Royal Rumble delivered a similar thrill.

Conceived by I Believe in Giants vocalist Jéan Lombard, the two-night event in Joburg and Pretoria aimed to blend the aggression of music with entertaining flair. Lombard explains, “The ‘Royal Rumble’ theme was a perfect fit to inject some fun into the mix, and who better to team up with than our friends CrashCarBurn and Facing The Gallows.”

First up was I Believe in Giants, who set the stage with some killer tunes, revving up the crowd with nostalgic covers of “Iris” and “A Thousand Miles”. 

Entering the ring next was CrashCarBurn, who took it to the next level. Their electrifying performance included familiar favourites “Twisted” and “Serenade”. The veteran band were in high spirits as they effortlessly cruised through a memorable set. The highlight of their show was a fantastic cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”.

The final entrant into the rumble was Facing The Gallows, who brought the house down with explosive energy. With interactive versions of “small hands” and “blackening”, the band left the crowd wanting more.

Keeping the nostalgia and energy going in between sets was DJ BreezyTizzay, who delivered more hits than Stone Cold Steve Austin played well-known pop-punk songs.

“The Royal Rumble” was a masterclass of stage presence, deserving a hearty good god almighty from legendary commentator Jim Ross. The success of this event shines light on the need for more diverse musical events that bring together bands of different genres, providing fans with unforgettable experiences. Lombard hints at future events, saying, “We’re planning to turn this into an annual thing where we can grow and expand on the idea.” 

Photos courtesy of Johan Vividd