Ziggy Alberts announces second book of poetry, sun memos

Ziggy Alberts has revealed his next project in the form of sun memos – an explorative collection of poetry to be released by the musician and writer through independent imprint, Commonfolk Publishing.

The poetry book, Alberts’ second self-published release, is unafraid to look inward and relish in its introspective nature. It’s familiar territory for Alberts, whose songwriting style has always been personal and open, but with sun memos, he positions his thoughts and observations in a way that is even more inviting to an audience.

Through the material, Alberts provides more insight into the person behind the music; split into four parts, sun memos is a collection of thoughts put to the page in a beautifully flourished manner.

Alberts says of the book, I can breathe a sigh of relief now that sun memos are bundled into these pages. Writing poetry has nothing to do with publishing it. Writing poetry is what music has been for me since the very beginning; an outpour. Minimal planning, maximum emotion. Like my first book, brainwaves, this is another thoughtfully independent project made possible by my family and friends at Commonfolk Publishing. Looking forward to connecting with you all for the second time, and again.”