Band Or Bust: Operation Khataza chat their transcendent set ahead of Round 2 at The House Of Machines

Dynamic five-piece band Operation Khataza, led by enigmatic singer-songwriter and guitarist Sanele Blaai, add some much-needed spice to this year’s Band Or Bust line-up and after a cracking Round 1 last week, we cannot wait for them to tear things up at Round 2.

Texx: Give us a bit of background into your band – who are you and where are you from?

Operation Khataza: Operation Khataza is an immersive experience crafted by the visionary singer-songwriter, guitarist, and selector, Sanele Blaai. Farrah Khataza is brought to life through Sanele’s artistry, leads the band with a mystical presence.

Texx: In your own words, what kind of music do you make?

OK: The music transcends boundaries, offering a soul-stirring journey through genres such as Zamrock, South African jazz, kwaito, soukous, highlife, Chimurenga, R&B, blues, and rock & roll.

Texx: Sum up your live show in one short sentence?

OK: A soul-stirring, magnifying feel through the urban sonic and ancient chants of my ancestry. 

Texx: What’s been the highlight of your musical journey so far?

OK: Fully channelling and expressing the spirit of music within and playing at Search festival, the reception was seeing the spirit of music manifest, that feeling I will cherish forever! 

Texx: What do you think you bring to the Final 6 that makes you stand out?

OK: The proof is in the pudding! The music takes a people through phases, steadily getting the audience to go from a horizontal plain, through to a vertical plain but somehow end up diagonal. 

Texx: Which act out of the Final 6 do you rate highly and why?

OK: Carlo Franco, simply because she is our competitor and we believe that the panel knows what they are doing 

Texx: If you could pick any of the judges to drink with who would you pick and why – and what would you be drinking?

OK: Tecla, I think we could have a pretty good conversation, from what I know Texx and the City is a community, and platform of expression for artists. Operation Khataza has the same community philosophy and so this sparks a common interest. Dink of choice – double Don Julio Reposado Premium, soda water, grapefruit and wild ginger.

Operation Khataza vs Carla Franco at The House Of Machines happens this Friday 14 June at 9pm.