DJ Cosher and Jann Klose unite for powerful new single “Love is a Verb”

Blending DJ Cosher’s dynamic production skills with Jann Klose’s heartfelt songwriting and vocal prowess, their new collab single “Love is a Verb” was created after the duo met up in Cape Town for a spontaneous writing session.

“While on tour in South Africa in 2023, I met up with DJ Cosher in Cape Town for a writing session,” Jann tells me on a quick catch-up call. “We had previously met through BMI at a songwriting camp and had kept in touch. We wrote the verse and chorus parts and put together a basic demo of ‘Love is a Verb’ in the afternoon. I later wrote the second verse lyrics at home in New York, and after DJ Cosher sent me the produced track, I recorded my vocals at my home studio in Astoria, Queens. DJ Cosher sparked the lyrical idea of ‘Love is a Verb’ with the intent to illustrate that actions speak louder than words.” 

“Working with Jann was amazing,” DJ Cosher chimes in. “We had worked together previously during a songwriting camp, and I was aware of his impressive accolades as a songwriter and singer and being a great energy to work with. The songwriting session itself was productive and constructive; we both pushed each other in directions that benefited both of us and that was cool to experience.”

“Working with someone who has a creative mind like Jann, always wanting to push the limits on his creativity, was truly inspiring. The vocals were then re-recorded by Jann remotely in the USA where he lives, and it was a great way to work together because then I was able to focus on the production and we just mixed the track. The song was included on my album ‘Certified, Vol. 2’, but I’m excited about having it pushed as a single and to give it the platform it deserves as the great song that it is,” he concludes.

The track highlights a very fluid synergy between DJ Cosher’s electronic beats and Jann Klose’s emotive vocals, underpinned by a powerful message that I’m sure will do well on local radio.